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Brest’aim Events organizes over 120 corporate events each year: meetings, product launches, seminars, general assemblies, workshops, etc.

The Pays de Brest, between land and sea, offers sumptuous and varied landscapes: long beaches and hidden shingle beaches, cliffs and rias to be discovered by walking the coastal trail. As for the hinterland, it is sprinkled with chapels, castles, legends and other marvels. While the territory boasts three Michelin starred restaurants, cuisine here is essentially about simplicity and togetherness; true pleasures that will satisfy the most demanding gourmet.


The Brest’aim Events team is dedicated to creating an event reflecting the company’s image and in line with its clients’ objectives: entertainment, audiovisual expertise, customized hosting services, gourmet restaurants and quality accommodation. Brest’aim Events brings you the framework that meets your needs with the technical and human resources to meet your project requirements. We create an environment that allows you to efficiently deliver your messages to your guests.


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