Useful Information

Brest, the city at the forefront! This is a major destination, easily accessible:
1er Brittany’s main airport, 8 daily TGV (high speed train) connections to Paris, toll-free expressways

How to find us ?

By car

Toll-free expressway
Paris 596 km (+/- 370 miles) – Rennes 245 km (+/- 152 miles) – Saint Brieuc 143 km (+/-89 miles)
Nantes 296 km (+/- 184 miles) – Lorient 136 km (+/- 85 miles)

By plane

Brest Bretagne Airport
11 daily flights to Paris
23 international connections
10-minute shuttle ride from the centre of Brest

By train

“Gare SNCF Brest” train station
8 daily TGV (high-speed train) connections to Paris

Getting around

By tram

A tram line of 14.3 km ( +/- 9 miles) with 28 stops, connecting West to East through the heart of the city.

By bus

11 bus lines throughout the city

By bike

More than 100 km (+/- 62 miles) of cycling infrastructure

By car

Many parking spaces in the city centre and close to each venue.