Logistics & Communication

Brest’aim Events relies on a team of professional technicians to help you build your event. With respect to the technical aspects and logistics, we are able to implement innovative solutions:

  • Sound control and light effects,
  • Video projection,
  • Ultra HD video capture (4K),
  • Layout: set design, exhibition, area layout, etc.
  • Translation,
  • Custom Signage (outdoor and indoor).

We can also study with you IT services and Internet access solutions:

  • Wired and/or Wi-Fi Internet access
  • Individual codes / packs with secure and personalized access
  • Creation of local, customizable and personalized networks
  • On-site assistance and/or hotline, fibre networking between the sites
  • All our facilities are equipped with wired (copper and fibre optics) and wireless* (Wi-Fi, broadband and very high speed) networks